Our next meeting is on the 5th September 2018

at the Downing Hall Knowle B93 0JU

at 7.45pm

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Our 2017/2018 Schedule
  •  6th September
    • Three speeches will be given by our current members, which are then evaluated to offer invaluable feedback. This is followed by an impromptu Topic session, where everyone has the opportunity to speak for 2-3 minutes on a subject given on the spot. Ever been asked to say a few words? Impromptu speaking allows you to practise thinking and speaking on the spot, whilst remaining calm and presentable.

  •  20th September
    • This meeting will be slightly different, in that we will have an expert speaker giving our group a public speaking seminar.Dilwyn Scott – an established speaker from Communication Consultants will be delivering a presentation to our group.Dilwyn was the National President of the Association of Speakers Club, and is an expert in Chairmanship and Speech Construction.

      This will truly be an unique and unmissable event, so please do come and join us to gain some expert advice into Public Speaking.

  •  4th October

    It was great to see 3 new visitors to our meetup this week. We welcome anyone who is interested to come and try our club out and see if it is right for them, even if only to observe.

    This week we heard two great speeches from Maxine and Bob. We also had an impromptu speaking session on the topic of Antiques. Learning to speak about something you don’t know on the spot can be difficult, but we had some great tips from Mary and Bob about what direction to take and how to fill the gaps when your mind runs dry!

  •  18th October

    Last meeting, we had a chance to put some of our evaluation skills into practise. Tony gave a purposely roughly prepared speech, that was then evaluated by Alex, Jeremy, and then the rest of the audience. It is harder than you think to evaluate somebody’s speech delivery and not just the content!

    We had a impromptu speaking session, where each member including our visitors, was given a physical house hold object to talk about for 3 minutes – if they could!

    Peter was also exceptional at reminding us about the years of advice and knowledge provided to us all in our speakers manual; a great national (international!) source to turn to for help delivering the perfect speech.

  •  1st November

    we started off with a few tips on how to beat the anxieties that are sometimes encountered before getting up to the front.
    We heard three speeches from Jo, Sadiq and Anna. It was Jo’s first ever speech but she did a great job.

  •  15th November

    We love visitors to our club who are interested in becoming better at standing up and speaking to others. Last meeting, we had two new visitors join up to our club after trying it out for a few sessions first.

    This means our club is now running at 17 members, meeting fortnightly to practise and improve our skills on speaking in front of everybody else. Our meetings are pre-scheduled and are structured, with our members rotating roles; either running the impromptu speaking session, giving others advice, evaluating others, or even chairing the meeting itself – allowing you to attain all sorts of organisational and group hosting skills.

  •  29th November

    A great evening consisting of two speeches from Sadiq and Peter, followed by a topics session where we were given a house in an awkward location that we had to sell!

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