Do you want to learn how to speak confidently in front of an audience?

Maybe you have to make speeches or presentations as part of your work or as a member of a social group?

If the answer to these questions is yes, then Solihull Speakers Club is the place for you!

Friendly guidance and encouragement from other group members will help you learn everything from having the correct posture, to using your voice effectively, to writing interesting speeches on any topic that you have an interest in talking about.

Welcoming Audience

Practise in an anonymous environment, away from your colleagues or peers

Friendly Feedback

Pick up regular tips from experienced speakers and develop your confidence in front of an audience

All Experience Levels

Suitable for anyone from absolute beginners to more experienced speakers

Think on your feet

Learn to speak off your cuff, by participating in topics – where you talk for a few minutes on a topic that you’re given only when you reach the podium

The Club

Solihull Speakers club has moved! We’ve combined forces with another nearby ASC Sans Souci

Have a look at their website for our next meeting¬†–¬†

See you there